Market expansion knocks out distributing as a preferred business strategy

we at ExCellent BD believe that Outsource your business development and market expansion efforts in order to succeed in a competitive economy, is the new way of doing business. By doing this you can fully realize new business opportunities, thus bring to business growth. Finding a distributor is not enough anymore because there are too many products he can choose from making you compete over a reliable distributor. No business can afford to lose a distributor; it is to damaging for its reputation.

That’s the reason why businesses are deciding to go with the “market expansion services” model. In this model companies pay a representation fee to an outsource company that is charge of all sales, marketing, business development and operational aspects at the destination market that your company want to expand to. ExCellent BD provide its customers with this solution. We are in fact more obligated to succeed because we are paid to do so. We are more loyal and more reliable because we form a true partnership with our client.

For you this means a long term relationship that you can build on. A two way business cooperation that will increase revenues and a company that is willing to do everything so you won’t have to.


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